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Continuing our new monthly „Community Interview“ series, introducing members of the upjers community, here we would like to introduce „Overpower60“. Originating from Strullendorf, Germany, this 67 year old My Free Zoo player is leader of the „Stehaufmännchen“-Clan.

How did you discover your favorite game My Free Zoo first?

It’s been a while… some seven years ago a friend got in touch with me, telling me she had started a new game called „My Free Zoo“ and that I should give it a try. It had something to do with sheep and rabbit… and well, since then I have been playing the game.

What about the game do you like best? And – if so – why would you recommend the game to others?

The best thing of being with an organization is the sense of community.

If you were a game designer, able to change anything about the game: What would it be?

I would keep an eye on the size of the animals compared to the size of the enclosures. The museum animals are much too large for their pens.

What are your most memorable moments with the game?

Reaching the first page of the highscore list.

Do you have any tips for the game – like: how to level faster, decorate better or to find friends easier?

From my point of view everything is fine.

Any suggestions on how to best run a clan? How do you find new members and keep them happy? How can a clan improve best?

It’s quite easy for us: we know each other personally. If someone has any suggestions, we share these by calling each other on the phone.

„Finding new members is hard because we’re such a tightly knit group with ambitions and very diligent.“

Tell us something about yourself – what do you do when you are not playing My Free Zoo?

Oh my… what could I tell you? With 67 years you have the right to not do too much anymore. I am pensioner. My husband is still working and so I am busy with cooking daily and taking out our two dogs. We got a garden to take care of and sometimes go on holiday. There is a guild meeting scheduled up in the north some time in the future. We are meeting my friend from the “Neue Heimat” clan. That’s something we do at least once a year.

How do clan meetings work? Who is organizing that and do all members turn up?

This year the meeting was postponed due to Corona, but we have met many times before in the Lower Saxony at the Kronensee. Not all players can make it everytime – but we have at least one player who goes there for her holidays and so we join her there on one day. Everyone from the Stehaufmännchen clan at least. Then there is my friend who created the “Neue Heimat”. I really like it there a lot. Of course I have to bring some real ready-to-bake Bavarian Leberkäs which everyone really loves but they don’t have up there. And of course there is always a lot of laughing and enjoyment – so the day is over much too quickly.



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