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Breeding Animals in Zoo 2: Animal Park


Whether you’re just starting out, or climbing to the highest levels in Zoo 2: Animal Park, breeding animals is an important aspect of the game that will contribute a lot to your progression.

Why breed animals?

  • Visitors – baby animals attract twice as many visitors as adults; if you need a quick boost in visitors, having babies is a great way to achieve that!
  • Leveling animals – breeding animals of the same level will result in higher level offspring; higher level animals attract more visitors and are required for some quests and collections
  • Quest objectives – some quests will require you to breed babies of certain species, or have animals of a certain level in your zoo
  • Collections – the Visitor Center allows you to collect and breed animals to obtain exclusive animals and unique color variants
  • Club contests – the weekly club contests ask you to donate as many animals as possible; breeding animals is a good way to get more animals to donate, and higher level animals fetch more points!
  • They’re cute! – that alone is enough!

Getting Started

The breeding center

At level 12, the Breeding Center will become available in the shop. This special building is where the magic happens!

Once purchased, you’ll need to wait for construction of it to complete.

In the meantime, you can make sure that you have everything else you need – that is a pair of animals to breed (one male, one female, in the same enclosure) and a shelter that has been suitably upgraded.

Only have female or male animals? No problem! You can change the sex of your animals at will, simply by tapping on an animal and selecting the sex button:

If you’re not sure if your shelter is the correct level, or if you have everything you need, you can always tap on a shelter in the enclosure and tap on the breeding button:

If you have everything you need, it will take you straight to the breeding interface; if you don’t, you’ll be shown what’s missing:

upjers Tip: Shelters can be moved between enclosures as needed, so you don’t need to buy and upgrade shelters for each species in your zoo. It’s a good idea to fully upgrade one of each kind, so you can breed all of your animals!

Increasing your Chances of Success

Breeding animals is a tricky endeavor and while getting some of your starter animals (like rabbits!) to procreate shouldn’t be very difficult, getting offspring from your higher level animals can prove to be quite a challenge! Luckily, there are a couple of ways to increase your chances of success:

  • Fertility Feed – Once you’ve started a breeding, you can purchase fertility feed for Coins (once) and Diamonds (unlimited). Diamond fertility feed increases your chances by a larger amount, but will also become increasingly more expensive with each use for a given breeding.
  • Club Bonuses – Clubs can start fundraisers to increase breeding chances. Once the donation goal has been achieved and the bonus collected, all member zoos will receive the increased breeding chance while the bonus is active.
  • Zoo Academy Membership – The Zoo Academy is a premium account feature that allows you to unlock perks by completing tasks for the famous Madame Yu and earning Mastery Levels. Some of the perks you can unlock include an increased base breeding chance in specific enclosure types.
  • Failing – Each time you fail a breeding with a species, the chance of success for the next breeding will be increased by the animal’s base breeding chance (up to a total chance of 75%). As soon as a breeding succeeds for the species, this bonus will be reset.

Rare color variants

While most rare color variants in Zoo 2: Animal Park are rewards from collections, a few special ones can be discovered by breeding regular-colored parents. These include the brown koala, brown pig, and golden-headed lion tamarin.

These color variants are extremely rare – it can take hundreds, if not thousands of breedings to get them! It’s best not to try specifically for them outside of special breeding events that increase these odds!

On your marks, get set, go!

Now that you know the basics of breeding animals, why not go try it out? If you’re short on Coins or Diamonds for breeding, why not check out our tips and tricks for earning money in Zoo 2: Animal Park?



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