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Onboarding During a Pandemic


Corona is not easy for anybody – but what is it like to start a new job during Corona? We asked our new marketing colleague Anna-Maria to answer a few questions for us on this topic.

How does it feel to start a new job during the lockdown?

Actually there is no major difference to starting a new job at any other time. In the beginning I was quite nervous, which is pretty normal. Since the whole team was present at the office at the time I was well received and had a good start.

What is it like working with so few people being in the office?

Of course I miss the social contacts to my colleagues since I would like to get to know them. Either way there’s always someone in the office and I never feel left alone.

You can also work from home. What do you think about that?

In my opinion working from home is a good alternative. I’m glad that I can stay in contact with the colleagues via Skype. They are always there to help me when questions arise. In short, I really like working from home even though I feel a little lonely sometimes.

How does upjers manage to offer the best possible onboarding during Corona?

I feel like I’m in good hands since I have a personal contact person. All colleagues are really friendly and helpful.

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