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Creative way into the Advent season


On Sunday is already the 2nd Advent. So the Advent season is in full swing and our Advent calendars are partly opened. Also our employees have great calendars besides their upjers Advent calendars. And they are so beautiful that we don´t want to keep them from you. 

Our colleague Verena, for example, has foxes all around. The cute Advent calendar was made by her fiancé 4 years ago and was filled with little presents and sweets. This tradition is still maintained today, because since then, he has put great little things in the animal calendar every year. What a nice idea!

Our colleague Patricia sewed her advent calendar in school 10 years ago. Since then her calendar has been hanging in her apartment every year and is filled accordingly.

This year our colleague Maxie has come up with a special kind of Advent calendar. In his “VernascheDieWelt”( “SnackTheWorld”) Advent calendar, there is candy from a different country every day. Up to now, the calendar has included, for example, a “Plopp” chocolate from Sweden or “Lays-bolognaise” chips from France.

Our colleague Sabrina has a very charming mother. Since her mom always finds bought Advent calendars rather unloving, she has decided to make her own Advent calendar every year. Since she was a little girl until now.

We cannot decide which Advent calendar is the prettiest! They are creative and the stories behind the Advent calendars make the daily small gifts even more beautiful.


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