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Unique Animals in My Free Zoo


Unique animals are the hot new visitor magnets in My Free Zoo. These rare color variants of familiar animals are drawing in crowds!

You can obtain unique animals by collecting card pieces – but where do those come from?

It’s simple: When you successfully breed the corresponding zoo animals, you have a small chance to get a card piece for its unique color variant. This starts out relatively low, but increases with every successful breeding up until a certain limit, until you finally receive one.

If you already have a unique animal, you might see a special golden clover pin over it from time to time. Clicking these pins increases the chance for a card piece for a random species.

You can track your progress in the “Animal Collections and Achievements” menu in the main menu bar. You’ll find a new tab here, where you can see which unique animals there are, how many pieces you’ve collected, and what your current chances at card pieces from successful breedings are.

The following unique animals are new in My Free Zoo (the animals in parentheses are the corresponding base animals):

  • Blue Flamingo (Greater Flamingo)
  • Brown Panda (Giant Panda)
  • Brown Penguin (King Penguin)
  • Brown Bactrian Camel (Bactrian Camel)
  • Pizzly (Polar Bear)
  • White Anaconda (Green Anaconda)
  • White Alligator (Nile Crocodile)
  • White Gorilla (Western Lowland Gorilla)

Once you’ve collected all of these unique animals, you’ll receive the coveted and extremely rare Black Lion.

Unique animals are an all-new attraction for your zoo and especially popular with visitors. And of course, if you have two unique animals of the same species, you can breed them to get even more!



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