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Breaking News: Dinos Found beneath the Ice – Uppy Interviews Renowned Researcher!


Our upjers mascot pretty excited. He just learned that frozen dinosaurs were found in Antarctica!

And they can even be brought back to life!

News like that can’t go without being thoroughly investigated, so Uppy has contacted a famous researcher to find out more. Read the exclusive interview here:

Uppy: Mr. Ryan – how did you hear about the sensational find in the Antarctic?

Walter Ryan: The team running the Antarctic expedition reached out to me to get my opinion on the dinosaurs buried in the ice. As an expert in the field of paleontology, I was immediately confident in my assessment that these prehistoric animals were preserved by the ice in such a way that reanimating them was a definite possibility.

Uppy: Isn’t that dangerous? I mean, if you happen to be ideal prey… you know, a fluffy little nugget…?

Walter Ryan: Nonsense! These dinosaurs have never seen anything remotely like you. They don’t see you as prey – the same goes for us humans by the way. It’s entirely safe! You have my word.

Uppy: But how do you even keep dinosaurs in modern times? Is it humane?

Walter Ryan: Humane like dressing a bunny in a trenchcoat and sending it to conduct interviews with a huge microphone? Don’t worry – we have given a lot of thought to their accommodations and care. We’ve designed a variety of habitats – enclosures that mimic grasslands, forest steppes, volcanic rock and more. We’re working on the perfect diets and have plenty ideas of toys for behavioral enrichment.

Uppy: That sounds like a lot of work for the team. Did you have a lot of backers for the project?

Walter Ryan: But of course! It wouldn’t be possible without. We’re especially proud of the subsidy from the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital infrastructure.

Uppy: How long will it be before the park is open to the public? People can hardly wait to visit this dinosaur zoo of yours!

Walter Ryan: They’ll need to be patient a little while longer. We’re working tirelessly on completing the project, but it’s not without pitfalls. We also found some unknown parasites in the ice – when we thawed the dinosaurs, these were released into the environment as well. We’re busy tracking them down and exterminating them, so that the zoo and the dinosaurs are in perfect condition before we open!

Uppy: Can I reserve tickets at least?

Walter Ryan: Of course! Everyone is welcome to pre-register here:

Uppy: Is there also an early bunny – er, early bird discount?

Walter Ryan: Everyone who pre-registers won’t just receive a message once the wonderful world of dinosaurs is released, but also premium currency valued at 5 dollars!

Uppy: I won’t be able to believe it until I see it with my own eyes: Dinosaurs from the ice! What a sensation!

Walter Ryan: Well, a lot of things are possible in the vibrant world of upjers – even talking bunnies, it seems!

Please note: If you’re resident of the UK you can already download and play the game. The rest of the English-speaking world can pre-register now!



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