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Who died once, should stay dead forever!


This is the motto of our new ego shooter game “Keep Trying – Zombie Apocalypse”. However, it isn’t a normal ego shooter, like one might expect, but a lot of fun for the whole community. “Keep Trying – Zombie Apocalypse” is a single player game, which is especially designed for Twitch streamers and their community. During the stream your community can support your fight against undead monsters by providing ammunition or new weapons. However, they can also decide to send you a horde of new monsters instead.

Here is a short game story overview:

After her parents had become victims to zombies after a terrible incident, 19-years-old Faith started searching for her younger brother Jo. She has no mercy for monsters who stand in her way.

You play the part of Faith and your task is to fight and win against the zombies in various game levels.  The principle is rather simple:

1. Choose among three different long ranged weapons:

  • Pistol: unlimited ammunition, but low damage
  • Rifle: 300 ammunition and medium shooting speed, but low damage
  • hotgun: few ammunition, but higher damage

2. Collect useful items like ammunition, gold, and booster, which provide you with more life points and increase the damage you cause as well as your attacking speed.

3. Experience points help you reach new levels with new challenges.

4. Defeat the final boss and end the zombie apocalypse by doing so.

The current version of the ego shooter is only an alpha-version. New features based on feedback will be gradually added to the game.



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