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Dinosaur Park: Primeval Zoo – 3 pro tips for a dinotastic UI


The UI (User Interface) in a game comprises all the buttons, menu items, and other icons that lead you to the different game features. The graphic artists at upjers also invest a lot of time and effort in this, because after all, you should be able to find your way around in Dinosaur Park: Primeval Zoo. But what do our graphic artists look for when they create the UI? We asked Patti and Linda, who played a leading role in creating the dino UI. Here are their tips:

Colorful HUD for Dinosaur Park: Primeval Zoo

1. UI-Profi-Tip: WYSIWYG

What You See Is What You Get – that means: A good UI essentially requires an easy-to-understand gameplay. The biggest challenge is to find a balance between good gameplay and beautiful design. The beautiful way is not always the easy to understand way. Therefore, more is sometimes less, so that the players can easily recognize the functions.

Dinosaur Park: Primeval Zoo in particular is a large game with many features. Our task as UI designers was to make these game features as understandable and clear as possible.

The Shop Pop-Up

2. UI-Profi-Tip: Informative, structured, colorful

Designing easily recognizable icons is also part of a good UI. In the store, for example, the various subcategories should be easily distinguishable from one another at first glance.

At the same time, the game flow should be fluid and important information should be immediately apparent to the players. Therefore, these are often highlighted with bright colors. We have also implemented this in Dinosaur Park: Primeval Zoo.

Various icons that are part of the UI

3. UI-Profi-Tip: Thematically appropriate designing

The game UI should always be unique. Players should immediately be able to recognize which game they are playing, even without seeing the logo. The design of Dinosaur Park: Primeval Zoo is based on prehistoric times and landscape: lots of stones, plants and wood. The theme is also represented in small details, such as the currencies. The coins have a claw print and the premium currency is a crystallized ammonite.

Design elements of the UI that you can find in Dinosaur Park: Primeval Zoo

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