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Undermaster Hordes – What’s the Deal with Dragon Stones?


We recently added the Horde feature to Undermaster. Once you brave monster keepers reach level 20, you’ll be able to join a Horde. Of course, you can also found a Horde of your own.

To aid your Horde in its special mission of slaying dragons, you’ll be able to build special Horde rooms in your dungeon. Like other rooms, these are built with the help of special floor tiles.

With the help of your battle monsters, you will lure dragons to the top of a treacherous volcano, drawing them in with piles of shimmering dragon stones and engage in epic battles.

Of course, that means you’d better get collecting!

Hoard dragon stones in special storage facilities in your Horde room. You’ll have two options: A Dragon Stone Pit, which can be acquired with Gold, or a Dragon Stone Hole, which can be purchased with Crystals. The latter has twice as much storage space and will take up less room in your dungeon.

Storages can be filled over time – they are the prerequisite for getting dragon stones at all. If you’re already a member of a Horde and have sufficient storage facilities, you can find dragon stones completing various everyday tasks in your Undermaster dungeon (with different chances for dragon stone drops)

Manufacturing goods at work benches, cooking places, anvils, etc.
– Quarrying rocks
– Completing adventures
– Winning battles
– Visiting friends
– Clicking the Minotaur

Of course, you’ll want to donate your dragon stones to the Horde so that you can work on dragon-slaying objectives together. For every 100 dragon stones or Gold you donate, you’ll earn one tribute point. By the way: Gold donations will allow your Horde to expand its storage space and unlock additional member slots.

So join forces with your fellow Hordies and declare war on the scaly wyrms! Ascend the foreboding heights of the volcano in Undermaster and rush into battle. Win Glory and rise up in the rankings as you slay the foul beasts. And of course there will be plunder for all!



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