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Tips for giving your My Sunny Resort Guests the Vacation of a Lifetime!


Hotel managers have a lot to do in My Sunny Resort: check in guests, take care of their every wish, and maintain a sprawling resort property as well.

Nonetheless, your guests’ happiness should be your number one priority, and there’s plenty you can do to make your vacationers’ stay as pleasant as possible!

Decorations attract more Guests

Of course, some beautiful interior design in your bungalows is never amiss – but don’t lose sight of the resort facilities as a whole. The more beautiful your hotel property looks from the outside, the more guests will flock to your resort, decreasing the time between guest arrivals quite noticeably.

1, 2, or 3 Star Guests

Your guests come with very different standards and expectations – and of course, different budgets too. Your cheap charter tourists and luxury patrons can be differentiated by their so-called star class.

Keep in mind that your 1 star guests will accept a two star bungalow, but not vice versa! But if a bungalow exhausts a guest group’s vacation budget almost completely, they won’t stay long and you won’t be able to earn many experience points with them. A yellow warning sign will alert you to bungalow’s that are above a guest’s star class if you try to drag them there.

Well-trained Personnel makes your Guests more comfortable

A resort’s staff is almost as the rooms – this holds true in My Sunny Resort as well. You can send your employees into training to improve their skills – speed, friendliness, and qualifications. Your guests will feel most comfortable if they are treated with kindness and respect. The more friendly your staff is, the more your guests will tip when it’s time to depart!

The best Products for your Guests

Your employees don’t just manage the buildings they’re assigned to, they can also manufacture some great products that will brighten up your guests’ stay. But of course, a guest won’t meander around the resort craving cupcakes for three days straight until he finally gets one. Wishes will disappear again eventually – at the latest when you log out – and you will get new ones when you return. So you don’t have to fulfill all of your guests whims and wishes to make them happy.

Your guests star class also plays a role when it comes to products. A 1 star guest would never dream of buying an expensive 2 star souvenir. But wealthier guests may get cravings for a product from a lower star class – after all, who can resist a tasty donut?

Send your Guests to another Resort

If your guests are already impatiently jostling and pushing at the reception, you can send them to another resort with the help of the taxi stand. You can have your spare guests delivered to friends’ resorts or another resort of your own. You have all sorts of options! You could choose to designate your mountain resort as a 1 star family resort, and your beach resort as a 5 star luxury getaway. Or you can just have a colorful mix of guests everywhere, and send guests wherever there’s room!



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