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Wauies – Tips for Beginners, Part 1: Your Companion


Once you’ve completed the tutorial in Wauies – The Pet Shop Game, you’ll should be familiar with a lot of the basic features such as breeding, producing and restocking shelves.

You will also have completed your first few quests with your companion dog – now we want to give you some more details about your Labrador Retriever.

As you may have noticed, your dog has its own level – you can find the pink level bar right below your own in the top right corner.

The higher your companion’s level, the more customers you will attract.

However, your dog‘s level can’t be higher than your store‘s.

You can level your dog by providing your browsing visitors with customer experiences andplaying fetch.

Customer Experiences

You can recognize a visitor’s desire for a customer experience with your dog by the little pinkpin with the paw floating over their head. There will also be a beige square info button with a paw in the bottom left corner of the screen if you have open customer experience requests in your store.

The number on this button shows you, how many people in your store currently want to have acustomer experience. Clicking on the button will zoom you right on over to one of these customers, and you can click on the pin to send your companion to the eager customer.

Your companion will also earn experience points when playing fetch. If you notice a littlethought bubble with a tennis ball over your companion’s head, it means he’s up to play. Click on the pin or the dog to open the ring meny. This litte info window will show you all of your companions needs and commands:

Paw: Let your companion say hello to a customer and give them an experience they won’t forget!

Basket: Send your companion to take a nap.

Brush/Bowl/Ball: Take care of your companion’s basic needs – grooming, feeding and entertainment.

Hand: Pet your companion!

Tennis Ball: Play fetch!


Playing Fetch

When you start a game of fetch with your companion, you’ll first be given the option to buy some new toys, or use the ones in your inventory. There are all kinds of different toys, such as tennis balls, frisbees, dolls and more!

Once you start the game, the toys will be randomly scattered around your store. To help you find them, there will also be bright yellow pins over the toys. Click on these to send out your dog to fetch them – he’ll run up to each one and bring it back to a little checkered flag!

If you manage to find and bring all three toys back to the flag before the two minute time limit is up, your dog will receive a lot of experience points.

The more expensive the toys are, the more points you’ll get.

Playing fetch and granting customer experiences uses up your companion’s energy, which your companion will restore every so often by taking a nap.

There are two ways to send your companion to nap:

  1. You click on your companion and select the basket from the ring menu – clicking on it will send him scampering off for some well-deserved rest.
  2. You click on the basket itself – you can click on its ring menu and select the basket with the arrow. This will send your dog to bed, too.

Have fun with your companion in Wauies – The Pet Shop Game!




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