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As a completely new Zoo director, you are facing the task of reviving aunt Josephine´s animal park.

If you have already played a zoo-simulation by upjers, you will be familiar with some of the game´s principles: There are different types of enclosures, decorations, staff, experience points and visitors who spend money for a nice day in the zoo.
But some things are still new and in this blog post we want to give you some tips and tricks for the App: How to easily get started, how to make progress and how to make Josephine´s Zoo shine again.


Zoo 2: Animal Park tells the story of how, as the heir to Aunt Josephine´s Zoo, you can overcome all odds and build a thriving zoo with many visitors. Therefore, it is important that you complete all the quests on your way.

As a reward gold coins, items and experience points are waiting for you. This will help you to climb the levels faster, which in turn will give you new rewards.

Via the menu on the top left corner you will get to the quest log

You will find your quests in the top left under Grandpa´s picture. Click on one of the quests and you will get a detailed description of what you need to do. What is important to mention: Your success will not be go unnoticed. As you progress in the game, you will improve your knowledge in different areas and this will be rewarded with experience points and coins.


Your guests know exactly what they want. The more visitors you have, the more money you will have in the till. Buy new animals and decorate your zoo to increase popularity and attract more visitors.

You can see what wishes your guests have if you look at the bubble above their heads or in the visitors menu at the top of the screen. Additional to the entrance fee, guests also spend money for food and beverage.


In the beginning, Aunt Josephine´s zoo is really run down. But after a short time of playing, your zoo will become increasingly attractive.
Certainly your animals play a big role in this but you should not forget the decorations in Zoo 2: Animal Park!

Not only do they make your zoo even more beautiful but also attract new visitors. In addition, you will receive regular experience points when you are planting plants or decorate the enclosures with different items.


In Zoo 2: Animal Park you are able to make friends with other players already in an early stage of the game. You should definitely make use of that option because it will give you many advantages. Each time your friends move up one level, they receive a card part as a level-up gift.

And you will get the same part without even doing anything for it. Additionally, you can visit your friend’s zoos every day to help them with small tasks.
In these short mini games you will collect hearts. As soon as you have ten hearts you can open a friends chest and secure four pieces of different cards.

Lastly, we have put together a few tips for you that will help you in Zoo 2: Animal Park:

  • Play every day. You will not only get a daily login gift but also an additional gift if you play a lot in a calendar month
  • You can rotate the view 360 degrees and zoom in and out continuously. This can be very helpful if you need to find a crying child for your friends
  • Make sure the paths are directly at the enclosures and stands. Only then can your visitors look at your animals and spend money at the food shops
  • Parts of cards that you do no need can be exchanged for tickets. With these tickets you can buy missing parts if you want to have a specific item.
  • Once you have built the staff building, you can hire helpers to support you. The gardener, the garbage man and a zoo keeper will work for you free of charge for the first week to convince you of their qualities
  • You can pet your animals! This will not give you any points or coins but you will have satisfied animals in your zoo. Tap and hold your finger on an animal. As soon as you see the first heart, you can start cuddling and petting your animal.

Play Zoo 2: Animal Park and rescue Aunt Josephine´s Zoo!!



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