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Crystals are the premium currency in Stonies.
They can help you in many areas of the game, such as speeding up tasks, repairing tools, or expanding your area.
Due to their high value, the Stonies crystals are rare. Yet, there are some ways and places to get them.

1. In the crystal shop

If you want to replenish your crystal stock as quickly as possible, you can do so in our shop. To get there, simply click the small “+” next to the crystal. In the shop we offer different packages that you can buy.
Our Tip: Always compare the packages. Some of them have a special bonus or a bonus gift.


At the place of worship, the stonies can pay homage to you, their god. If you let them pray to you, you will receive a Crystal Splinter as a reward. You can collect them in your camp. 100 splinters can be assembled into a crystal.

Our Tip: If you send several stonies to pray at the same time, they are done much faster and therefore you receive your splinters faster.

3. Login Gift

If you visit your stonies everyday, a gift will be waiting for you each time you login. If you visit your tribe for two, three, four or even five days in a row, the reward will be even greater. On the 5th day you will recieve three crystals that you can use in the game

4. Evolution

When you rise through the eras of humanity, many rewards are waiting for you. Some of them even contain crystal splinters which can be combined to make whole crystals.

Our Tip: The higher your era is, the harder are the task to reach the next one. But do not worry: Your reward will also be greater than before!



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