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In our newest app you will get to know the stonies. But what exactly characterizes the Stone Age people? And how can you lure more stonies into your tribe?

We have answered the most common questions:

  1. Will my Stonies grow older?
  2. YES. The Stonies even have four different ages: child, teen, adult and senior

In the beginning, only adults come to your Stone Age settlement. If they fall in love, they can have children and thus expand the tribe. For this you can cast a love spell with your divine flashes and marry two stonies. Of course, children can not help as much as their parents do. They can not build anything, for example. If you give a child a task that it can not fulfill, a red icon will appear above its` head. How long a stony needs until the next age will start, you will see, if you tap on his cottage.

2. Why do I need a cottage? 

Every adult stony needs his own cottage. Couples obviously can live together and their kids will be living there too. When a teen grows up, he needs his own cottage.

The better you build your cottage, the more experience points the Stonie gets for his tasks.

3. Why does my Stone develop skills? 

When your Stonies fulfil tasks for the tribe, their abilities can be increased after some time. In total, there are nine different categories in which you can train your Stonie: From collecting food to Religion.

In the tribe overview you can see what skills a stonie has.
At the Valentines-Event one could get a Superstonie as a reward. This Stonies has all skills fully developed.

4. How can I find a stonie and pick him?

Once you’ve built a gathering place, the stonies  will spend their time there when they have no task. But you can find them so much easier.
All unemployed stonies will be displayed in the lower left corner. If you need some of your Stonies, you can tap there and automatically pick one.

With a click on the same area, you can switch between the different stonies.
If you want to find a specific stonis, you can do so via the tribe overview.

To open it, select the right button with the banner at the top of the menu. Now you can tap at a Stonie and get straight to him. In the tribe overview, you can also see how many Stonies are currently available to you.

5. How do I get new Stonies?

There is only room for a certain number of Stonies in your tribe. How many that are, you can see in the tribe overview.

At the beginning four adult Stonies join your tribe. The couples in your tribe get children until the tribe is full. The gender is chosen so that you always have the same number of women as men.

If you want to enlarge your tribe, you must first enlarge your terrain. This is done with the landmarks at the edge when you reach a certain era. Once your tribal limit has risen, new Stonies are born again.

Enjoy your adventure with Stonies!



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