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Head scratching, perplexed faces – what to do if your stonies have cut down all the trees, but you need wood to build a hut?
We’ll give you some tips on how to get more raw materials and use them more sparingly.

Which tree makes which raw material?

You´ve probably already noticed that the surrounding branches and fallen trees bring you the raw material “branch” when collected. You can also fell the conifers to get this raw material.

For the raw material “wood” you need the trees with the round treetops.


You can collect the resources yourself and also cut the trees by tapping the object. If you let your stonies do this job, you can collect more resources from a tree.

Select a stonie and tap on the tree to be felled. Now you are asked how long your Stonie should work on the tree. The more time you give him, the more wood or branches you will get afterward.

1m20 = 8 wood
40m = 24 wood
6h40 = 40 wood
6h40 with crystals = 64 wood

Since the trees, in particular, need a relatively long time to regrow, you should definitely use this option so that you do not run out of reserves too quickly.

Help – My Stonies are running out of food!

What works with the raw material, also works with the food. If you leave your Stonie for several hours harvesting a berry bush, the yield is much larger afterward.

But beware: unlike resources such as stone, wood, tree branches and grass, food can spoil!

A mushroom is just edible for an hour. The berries last about four hours and the corn lasts 12 hours. Therefore, it is unwise to collect all the food on your area and pack it in the warehouse if you need it later.

Tip: Only collect as much food as you need for a full meal bar. Are the berries and mushrooms in the stomachs of your stonies, they can´t get spoiled.

If you need more food while your Stonie is in the construction of huts, etc., you can collect more food in your stonies world.

If you´ve missed feeding all the food from your storage to your Stonie, it will get spoiled and attracts flies. Now you have to throw it away. Touch the spoiled food and drag it to the trash can icon under your inventory.

What else can I do to get more food and raw materials? 

If you have invented agriculture, it will be a great way to provide your Stonies with regular food. You can also multiply the food in the fields. To plant a field, you need four units of the crop.

Another way to increase your resource yield is to raise your Stonie level. With each level, you can increase one of their abilities. Do you choose, for example, “Collect raw materials”, then this Stonie can now procure more raw materials.

To summarize: You can collect and hoard raw materials such as wood and stone. Unlike food, these resources will not get spoiled. Since trees do not grow back so fast, you should rather have them removed by a Stonie for a longer period to get more wood. 

Raw material via manna magic: Super fast but low yield

Raw material via fingertip: Relatively fast but also with low yield. You decide exactly how much of the resource you collect. Are you missing for example only two branches for a construction project, it makes sense to collect these “by hand”

Raw material via Stonie: Takes more time but is the most effective. You can choose between three, five or eight times more resources – depending on how much time you give your Stonie. And: The higher the level of a Stonie, the more resources he can harvest.

Other ways to get resources: 

First of all, the daily login bonus offers you free resources. With every day you get more. On the fifth day in a row, you will receive resources and premium currency at the start of the game.

Resource Packs for friendship coins: As you visit and bless your friend´s Stonies, you collect friendship coins. These can be exchanged, among other things, for a small package of resources. In the friends overview, tap the “Redeem” button next to the friend coins display and select your first reward.

Small resource shrine: The small shrine also supplies you randomly with stones, wood, grass or quartz. You can make a shrine very easily- even several at once. Go to your building and choose the shrine. Other decorations can also provide you with useful resources or food for your stonies.



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