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You are now the almighty leader of your Stonies Tribe – Congratulations!

We want to show you how to best survive the first levels of the survival game.

Stonies are collectors… at least most of the time.

First and foremost, of course, there is the resource gathering. Without any food, your Stonies cannot do anything.
To collect mushrooms, you simply tap them. It is the same with the berries on the bushes, the wood and the stones. You may need to tap them several times until they are completely harvested or collected.

Alternatively, you can send your Stonies to collect the resources. The Stonie Button (bottom left) will be very handy for you soon. It gives you an overview of all the Stonies of your clan and whether they are doing something or just laze.

Stonies are hungry.. basically always.

Important: Since your Stonies do not yet know how to preserve food, the precious food should not be left lying around too long in your warehouse. You should rather give the food to your Stonies – In their stomach, it will not get spoiled.

If you lack a resource to build or invent something, then you can simply tap the corresponding icon. It will tell you where and when you will find the resource again.

Reinventing the wheel

Your stonies are not meant to be only collectors. You can soon show them how to farm and hunt.

For this, they need the right tools and weapons. To produce the new utensils, you will need resources.

For all major inventions, your Stonies murst first worship and thus praise you as their God – after all, you also determine the destiny of your tribe.

A heart for Stonies 

Besides all the work in in the Stone Age, your Stonies still have time for the most beautiful thing in the world: LOVE. You have the honour of acting as a cupid.

If you have two Stonies that would make a nice couple, then just tap the two and send them to a cabin. Soon they will have a child and you will have a new family member.



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