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MLF_520x520Your village in My Little Farmies keeps growing and the stock is filling up slowly. Now it is the time to attract a few customers to sell your goods.

Win more customers with decoration

There are many different decorations in My Little Farmies. You can choose between bushes, trees, flowers and grasses, borders and special decoration. But not only the appearance plays a role but above all the popularity.

The more “popularity points” your village has, the more customers come by to buy your products. So if you want to attract more customers, you should set up more decorations.

Tip: If you set up several decorations of a kind, you will not get as many popularity points as when choosing different decoration items. Exempted from this rule are decorations bought with gold bars.

Of course, only the decorations that you have in your village will count toward your popularity. In the storage, they are not counted.

Tip: When your village continues to grow, you can exchange the decoration items. So you can get more popularity with less decoration and have room for fields, animals and other.

Other items to attract customers

In addition to the decorations, there are other items in My Little Farmies that will increase your popularity and attract more customers.

The farmhouse, for example, attracts many customers. From level 15 you can build it in your village for 150,000 thalers. It unlocks many new features and lures a lot of Farmies willing to spend money.

Tip: The farmhouse cannot be demolished. So think twice, if you need it now or if you prefer to use the place for something else.

Like the farmhouse, the wonders of the world help to attract more customers. These include, for example, the truffle hunter’s lodge, the trout pond or the wishing well. The special thing about world wonders is that you can not get them in the shop. Mostly they are part of an action where you can get map parts or even whole wonders of the world.

Later, you will have the opportunity to collect the map parts in all sorts of places (like the boosters or the NPCs) and trade them with your fellow players. How that works, we will reveal in the next part of our blog series.



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