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MLF_520x520The farmies in your village want many different goods and products. Therefore it is very easy to lose track of where to get what. That’s why we answered the most important questions about products. Of course, a few tips are also included.

What goods are available at My Little Farmies?

In My Little Farmies, there are over 200 goods and they are getting more and more. First, they all need to be made by you before you can sell them. So you have a lot to do to fulfil the desires of the Farmies.

Basically, you can divide all products and goods into four groups:

  • Goods from the fields
  • Goods from animals
  • Goods from the production
  • Goods of wonders of the world
1.  Goods from the fields

In the fields, you can plant and harvest many different plants. You get the seeds in the shop. How long a plant needs to grow can be seen on its map. It also tells you how much yield you can expect and how often the plant can be harvested before it can be exchanged.

Tip: Not every plant can be bought in the general shop. For example, the walnut tree is currently only available in the gemstone shop. Since this is very well divided into individual categories, you can quickly see if your desired plant is included.

2. Goods from animals

Adult animals such as chickens, sheep or cows also bring you goods. If you feed and care for them regularly, you can pick them up after a while. How long you have to wait for a product, you can see on the animal card. There you can also see how often an animal can bring you goods before it gets too old.

Some animals that bring you certain goods can be found in the shop. In addition, there are special species in My Little Farmies, which you can get only during an action or as a bonus gift. You can find a few of them, for example, the pheasant, in the new gemstone shop.

Tip: Especially rare species such as the Angora goat bring you, as mentioned above, also goods. You can also get these with the less rare goats. Your farmies usually do not care where the goods come from that they process. In the weaving mill, for example, they can process the wool of the Angora sheep and a normal sheep from the shop.

3. Goods from the production

Most of the goods can be resold right after the harvest. It makes more sense, however, to process them further in the production facilities and thus earn even more dollars. Once you’ve built the manufacturing facility, you can see at the top left corner which products you can make there. With the small arrows under the display (top left), you can click through the selection. In doing so, you only see the starting material and what it produces.

Tip: Not all starting products are available directly on the fields or from animals. Some have to be produced in another production facility first. It is usually not so difficult to find out where you get a particular product. You know for sure that there are different types of flour in the mill and baked goods such as bread and cake in the bakery. So, when you look at what manufacturing facilities there are, you can easily find out where to make a particular product.

4. Goods of wonders of the world

In addition to the three common methods to obtain goods, another has developed in My Little Farmies. There are some wonders of the world where you can get very special merchandise. Wonders of the World are buildings you can not get in the normal shop in your village. They are usually part of an action and are therefore not so common in the game. After the events, you can only get them by collecting and swapping card parts. Occasionally, they are also available in the gemstone shop.

Here is a list of the current wonders of the world and their goods: 

Eelpond = Eels

Trout pond = Trout

Carp pond = Carp

Beekeeping = Honey

Truffle Lodge = Truffle

Dwarves Mine  = Metal/Ore

Gemstone mine = Gems



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