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Top 5 upjers Apps


Whether waiting for the bus, on the beach or at home under a cozy blanket: Gaming apps are awesome ways to spend your time. We at upjers cater to a wide variety of tastes in gaming genres. And the best of all: all these top apps are for free!

Zoo 2: Animal Park – look at all those cute animals!

With more than three million games installed this is the top-ranking zoo-tycoon game for your mobile gaming pleasure.

The story? After the death of your auntie, the responsibility for her children‘s zoo falls to you. Now it‘s in your hand to rescue your heritage and realize your vision: to create the most diverse and interesting zoo to-date.

One of your first challenges is to convince your grumpy neighbor letting you expand your zoo plot by plot, build a variety of themed enclosures from grassland to mountains, savanna to jungle and find the right species to live and breed there.

The next step is to decorate and furnish your zoo with shops, flower beds, and more, to attract more and more visitors. Spend your earnings on new animals, decorations and breeding. Invite other players to join your circle of friends and help each other out collecting cards to win precious animals and such.

At the same time you are to learn some very romantic secrets about your late aunt.

Zoo 2: Animal Park is not only a tycoon and strategy game where you have to earn the most money – it’s your own petting-zoo in your pocket. Cute animations and a selection of really sweet animals make this one of the best mobile games.

Stonies – take a trip to the Stone Age

Did you ever ask yourself how it would be like to be the chief of your own Stone Age tribe? This is the gaming app for every aspiring Flintstone.

You are the leader, teacher and shaman all in one: It is your task to manage every aspect of your tribe’s destiny: who will be hunter? Who will gather? Who will fall in love with whom? It is you who has to ensure that your Stonies are kept well fed, well educated and always in high spirits.

To keep your Stonies happy, you need to manage your resources responsibly. Food can grow stale after a while – so your next step will be to bring fire! Cooked meat and fish will remain edible for much longer.

But that’s not all the progress you bring: teach your tribe how to farm and harvest crops and breed animals, or inspire them to create tools to be more efficient…

Horse Farm – Your dream horse riding resort

This is a real surprise: a playful business simulation with horses! Horse Farm is a fun game not just for horse lovers. Your task is to create your dream horse riding resort, accommodate guests and teach them to ride.

Take care of your horses, breed or buy new mares and stallions and groom them between rides.

Your guests need catering as well: they want you to provide them with several amenities from food to equipment like saddles and riding crops. Also they would like you to have different types of horses like hot-blooded Arabians, docile Lipizzans or good-natured Norikers.

This way you create the most successful stud around.

Horse Farm is a simulation game about horses, riding and the occasional tournament where you can show your prowess as the best Horse Farm owner around. This is probably one of the best games for smartphones.

My Free Farm 2 – Funny farming in 3D

This farming simulation never gets boring. Every level you reach, you can produce more different types of wares. At the beginning you grow a handful crops, deliver them to customers and earn a small income. The more you play the more demanding managing your farm becomes. Soon you will be producing more refined foodstuff, raise chicken, cattle, rabbits or sheep.

The further you progress, the more customers you get – some even arrive by plane or ship.

Expanding your farming business is not trivial: adding new land you will discover the woodcutter’s hut or the fish pond – making resource management an important part of your endeavor. Or you could simply open a tavern and a pony yard.

Its visually stunning 3D graphics is full of cute little details. You can access your farm from all angles, watch your animals do quirky things and even discover the occasional hidden bonus – like a stray cat or the lost fawn. All this makes My Free Farm 2 a cute top gaming app.

Idle Kingdom Builder – Click, Build, Enjoy

Become king of the clickers! Idle Kingdom Builder is an incremental gaming app in a medieval setting.

Starting out with a small village, it’s up to you to build, improve and manage production lines, ensure that produce is turned into products. Earn yourself a handsome fortune by getting your craftsman to work and farmers to toil.

First you have to click yourself but after just a few minutes, you can automate many of your tasks. In the end even just opening the app will shower you with gold and glory. Very gratifying.

Progressing further you will discover new areas, new challenges and many new adventures!

Idle Kingdom Builder will surely become your favorite mobile game once your kingdom grows beyond the first area.

Will you manage to make it to the dragon’s isle?


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