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Zoo 2: Animal Park – How to raise the animal level?


Animals in Zoo 2: Animal Park have different sets of characteristics: you can have male and female animals, as well as young and adult animals.

Every hare, bear and tiger also has an animal level. When you first get your animal – either from the shop or otherwise in-game, your animals start at level 1.

To raise the level of your animals, you need to breed them.

Completing the “Breed a level 5 animal” quest

One of the first quests you get wants you to breed a level five animal. And here’s how that works:

Whenever you put a male and female level 1 animal together, the dice are rolled and with a bit of luck, they will make a level 2 baby animal.

If, for example, you have a level 2 baby sheep reaching adulthood, you should consider breeding it with another – ideally level 2 – sheep.

The leveling up process continues until level 5.

That means that breeding two level 3 animals has a chance to result in a level 4 baby to be born.

How to breed level 5 animals

To breed an animal, first you must place a shelter in their enclosure. You don’t want your future baby to be cast into the cold, do you? 🙂

To keep an overview of which levels animals in an enclosure have, simply tap the shelter or breeding center.

From the shelter menu, you can tap on the pacifier to open the overview. In the breeding facility, a tap on one of the green slot symbols will open the list of animals you can breed.

Once the overview window is open, you will see the males on the left and the females on the right. Each animal is marked with its level. Select the two animals you want to breed by tapping them.

Next, you can decide to increase your chances by feeding the budding couple with special fertility feed.

That covers everything you need to know about raising animal levels in Zoo 2: Animal Park.

Good luck!


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