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Zoo 2: Animal Park – The clubhouse is now open


Recently we introduced a new feature building to Zoo 2: Animal Park – the clubhouse, where you can open, join, and interact with your guild. This blog will help you explore the many possibilities.

The clubhouse is required should you want to participate in the different activities a club membership offers.

At level 16 players will be given a new quest by Jenkins, a good friend of Baroness Victoria. Once accomplished, you may place the clubhouse next to your zoo’s entrance.

There you can decide whether you want to open your own club or apply for membership in other players’ clubs. Just be aware that you can only join a single club at a time.

As a member of a club you can fill one of three roles: the founder, who automatically becomes the club’s president, can appoint basic club members as ministers with extended permissions. Ministers can start contests and fund raisers too.

Clubs in Zoo 2: Animal Park – Fund raisers and competitions

Raising funds and participating in contests is a club’s central purpose.

Let’s have a look at how fund raising works: Clubs can, in a collaborative effort, ask their members to donate coins or diamonds to reach a common goal like temporary bonuses (more experience points, better chances successfully breeding animals), stickers for the group chat and increasing the member cap. The more members your club has, the easier it is to achieve the club’s fund raising goals.

Contests generally revolve around collecting as many card pieces for a certain animal as possible.

Starting on the 29th of May, every Wednesday at 11:30h CEST, a new contest starts. The president has a choice of three different types of cards to collect. You now have one week to bank as many of the required card pieces as possible to win card pieces for one of four special ruby statues: Goat, Horse, Peackock or hare. The more you pay in, the more card pieces for a statue you will be rewarded with.

Club levels and group chat

Participating in club activities will also yield experience points to increase a club’s level. With higher levels your club will gain access to better fund raising bonuses and even more spots for new members. You, in turn, will also be rewarded with exclusive titles from “Little Rabbit” to “Proud Lion”.

And finally club members have access to their own club chat to plan their next activities and such. Just head over to your club house and click the message tab.

As you can see, the clubhouse opens up a variety of new activities. We hope this overview will help you figure out the huge potential your new clubhouse offers.

Let us know what you think and share your own ideas, tips and tricks in the comments below.



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