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Zoo 2: Animal Park – Look what the zoo keeper can do for you!


The zoo keeper in Zoo 2: Animal Park can really relief you of lots of your daily chores. She can clean enclosures, fill up troughs and play with your animals.

Other than the other employees you can hire in the Administrative Building, like the gardener and the garbage collector, the zoo keeper wouldn’t wander around your zoo looking for work. Instead you would have to put her into one specific enclosure where she fulfills all of her tasks. Of course, you could move her to another enclosure once she was done with her work.

A lot of players asked us whether we could change that. So now the zoo keeper joins in with the other employees, walking around your zoo, taking care of the animals needing her attention. One major advantage of this new function in Zoo 2: Animal Park is that she tends to all the different enclosures even when you are offline.

The good news for everyone who liked her old behavior better: you can chose whether she is moving around or if she should be assigned to one enclosure.

So the first option is: Hire a zoo keeper and let her do the work independently, taking care of one enclosure after the other.

Alternatively you can hire a zoo keeper and call her to a specific enclosure. If you want her to start cleaning this specific enclosure first, just tap on it so the context menu will open up. You’ll see seven round buttons – the third one on the left shows the head of the zoo keeper. Tap on this button and she will make her way to this enclosure immediately.

No matter which option you prefer: the zoo keeper will work either way – independently or on call.

upjers tip: When you are playing Zoo 2: Animal Park you can call the zoo keeper to a specific enclosure. When she is done with her work she will continue walking around your zoo looking for new tasks – even if you should be offline by that time.



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