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Uptasia: What do I need wood and stone for?


Not everything in our classic hidden-object game Uptasia is about finding the right objects. Sometimes it need a bit of physical labor with pick and axe.

Uptasia combines challenging hidden object puzzles with elements from construction and management simulation games.

To unlock new and more brain-teasing puzzles, you need to build factories – like the bakery or the florist‘s. There you can produce wares to sell to the many potential customers at the market. You collect experience points, money and can spend that to purchase additional factories, decorations and more.

Expanding your factories requires wood and stone which you can find all over the map and which is stored at the lumberjack‘s yard and the quarry.

How do I get more wood and stone?

Looking around on the map, you can find several trees and big rocks – these are your resources.

Hovering over a tree or rock, you can see how many rocks or pieces of wood can be harvested from that specific resource. To cut down a tree or quarry the rock, click on the resource and direct your worker to chop and cut.

Everything harvested this way will be placed in your storage automatically.

What can I do with the resources?

Factories, like the restaurant, the mines, or the carpentry, each have a number of production slots which you can unlocked in the course of the game. So you get different hidden-object puzzles and scenarios, as well as increasing the number of wares you can produce and sell at the market.

But as with every building: to add new poduction slots, you need to build an annex. During the fantastic-romantical time-period Uptasia is set against, these are built with stone and wood. So it always pays off to keep a certain amount stored in your lumberjack yard and quarry.

Also you may need the occasional stone or piece of wood to keep your production facilities well maintained, so everything can go smoothly.

The good thing: once your worker has reached its destination, they will keep harvesting – even while you are solving the next puzzle.

That way you can ensure that your storage is well replenished and don‘t have to wait too long for it to be filled.



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