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Exclusive Content for Uptasia Home Edition


The days of the old Flash Player are numbered. That‘s why we created a flash-free version „Home“ of your favorite game Uptasia.

Instead of needing a browser you can now download and install the game as stand-alone version on your PC. With this you can enjoy all the old and new features with having to download the game only once.

We have added some very exklusive rewards to the Home Edition to make the transition even more sweeter. Get the Home Edition now to get your special treats too!

First, there is Gaston, your new free Home Edition pet, granting you valuable gifts every day.

Also you now have access to „Coralint“. Only players using the Home Edition will get free access to this new map extension at level 25.

These tropical islands grant you additional storage space for wood and stone as well as much more room for factories, decorations and more. On top of this you can unlock up to 20 new areas on this map as well.

And that not all. In the future there will be more exciting features and specials that are exclusive to the Uptasia Home Edition.

You find more on the new islands in your fishing hut under the heading „Island travels“.

Download the Uptasia Home Edition now and enjoy the exciting features and rewards!



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