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Zoo 2: Animal Park – Enclosures and their options


To make your animals feel at home and to cater to their needs, Zoo 2: Animal Park offers a wide variety of options.

Every animal species needs an enclosure suitable to their natural habitat. Rabbits and Sheep, for example, require grassland enclosures, lions are more at home in the savanna, while dophins naturally require water enclosures.

List of Enclosure Types (“Biomes”) of Zoo 2: Animal Park

Zoo 2: Animal Park allows you to host animals from a set of certain natural environments (biomes). In the course of the game, you can unlock a number of different enclosure types.

All have one thing in common: every enclosure can be outfitted with special themed equipment like troughs, watering holes, shelters, playthings and decorations.

  • Grassland
  • Plains
  • Forest
  • Mountain
  • Savanna
  • Jungle
  • Ice
  • Water

Zoo 2: Animal Park – Enclosure Options

Every animal in your park has three basic needs. To ensure that these are met, you can put several special items into every enclosure. Also you can enlarge enclosures in Zoo 2: Animal Park, to make room for new arrivals. The Enclosure Menu also grants access to a valuable information on the selected enclosure and the animals therein.

Tapping on a free spot within an enclosure opens up the enclosre menu. From top to bottom, you can see the type of the enclosure, below that the type of animal hosted is displayed. The line below that shows the enclosures overall visitor popularity (sum of all animals + decorations).

Next to that you can see the enclosures capacity and the maximum number of animals you could place in a fully upgraded enclosure. In our example we have placed six of six animals. The upper limit of rabbits we could place would be 12, provided we extend the enclosure to its largest size.

The flower on the right represents the number of ground-tiles that can be used to place decorations. Here we could place decorative objects taking up to 22 tiles of space but we used only two tiles.

Below that you can see the enclosure’s options. Tap on the icon to the left to move and rotate the selected enclosure. Next to this you find the option to expand and so make additional space for your animals.

The shopping cart icon gives you access to the shop where you can purchase the right items for the particular enclosure. The blue i-icon opens the information window (see below).

On the right you find two options to transfer the enclosure and all its contents back to your inventory. The hand-and-coin icon lets you sell the enclosure.

Enclosure Information

The Information window show you all the important information on what is going on within the enclosure you have selected.

Here you can see which items you have already added to the enclosure. Below that you can see how much space you have to place additional decorations. The number of floor tiles (fields) the item take up is displayed on the icons.

Upjers Tip: Decorative items add to your zoo’s overall popularity. The number is displayed in the bottom right.

On the second page you can see which animals are placed into the enclosure, and their respective level. If you still have room in your enclosure, tap on the green button with the “+” symbol to directly add another animal of the same kind. You can also increase the size by selecting the respective icon.

Every animal placed adds to the popularity rating. The value of each animal is displayed on their respective icon. In the top right corner the sum of all animals’ popularity is added.

Finally you can use the “Start now” button to directly jump to the breeding menu.

You see: Zoo 2: Animal Park has a lot of cool “quality of life” features that help you managing your zoo much more efficiently.



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