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Internship at upjers – Interview with Markus Hülß


Markus is a 25 year old Computer Science Student at the University of Coburg and completed a 6 month internship at upjers. In this short interview he describes what it was like to work at upjers.

Intern Markus

  • Q. What all did you get to do as an intern at upjers?
    A lot – especially with the Unity Engine. I was part of the development of a brand new game. I programmed the battle system and was responsible for the implementation of the animations, so that the characters could move.

    Q. How did you hear about upjers?
    I was always interested in the gaming industry, so of course you know the big companies in retail, but also browser games. I found a list of all German developer studios on the Internet and saw upjers on it. The logo was familiar and I remembered the Kapi Hospital TV spot right away. Bamberg is pretty close to Coborg, so I immediately sent out an unsolicited application.

    Q. What was your favorite part of working at upjers?
    Definitely the flexible work times, but of course also the amazing work atmosphere. Teamwork with my colleagues was always pleasant and productive. Even as an intern, you’re treated as an equal here. I was given a lot of responsibility, but always had the support of my experienced colleagues, so that I was never left alone with potential problems. Even if it’s the “games” industry, the job can be very rough. Things can be stressful, but the management always aims to offer employees a good work/life balance. Part of that are the flexible work times I’ve mentioned before – so loafing off overtime – and the delicious Monday breakfast for all employees.

    Q. Which project did you work on?
    The game is not yet public, so I can’t tell you much. It’s a genre that upjers doesn’t have in its
    portfolio yet. It has things to collect, things to build, and an enemy threat. The setting is very
    unique: a bit crazy, a bit bizarre, and also a bit humorous. But it will still be a while before the first
    details will be released.

    The developer team working with Markus would like to thank him for the great time and excellent cooperation at this point. upjers is always happy to welcome enthusiastic school and university students and career changers as interns. Send applications to



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