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Horse Farm: Getting your Infirmary (without Rubies)


Once you reach level 11 in Horse Farm, you’ll get the option to buy the “Infirmary,” which allows you to take care of sick horses and nurse them back to health. But it comes with a price tag – 17,000 Horse Dollars!

To get there, you’ll need to bring in the big bucks and start saving!

In the beginning, you’ll probably feel your horses are constantly getting bumps and bruises. But don’t worry – they won’t last. They’re just like needs for water and grain.

If you can’t satisfy the need (in this case heal the horse), just wait. A new need will come soon enough. Make sure to pay attention, so that you don’t miss when your horse is healthy again and you can use it for activities with guests.

Earning Money without Horses

The riding instructor at the notice board will also have certain quests that allow you to make money without horses. If you make sure to diligently water plants, collect trash on the ranch and provide your guests with all the riding equipment and snacks they want, you’ll eventually meet your goal even without riding lessons and training.

Don’t forget to collect your rewards for achievements earned in Horse Farm. The round blue button with the trophy in the bottom left corner will show a little yellow flag when you have something to collect. Rewards can include Horse Dollars and even Rubies!

A real payday is in store for you when you hit level 12 – that will get you a whole lot further saving for your infirmary.

Note: It’s important to be frugal with expansions and upgrades or your ranch, ie. the lodge and your barns.

It’s enough to upgrade one lodge to level 2, because you’ll still get plenty of guests that only need a level 1 lodge.

The same principle applies to your horses. Don’t train all of them to level 2 right away. A single barn is enough for those horses. When assigning horses to the barn, make sure to keep the high level barn’s slots free for higher level animals.

Likewise, it’s a good idea not to go over the top with decorations quite yet. You do want a couple of flowers or other plants to fulfill watering quests though. Some quests also require you to buy certain decorations – completing these is certainly a good idea because you’ll be rewarded with EXP and Horse Dollars. We’ll mention these later in our checklist!

Dealing with Buildings and Horse/Guest Wishes

To satisfy both your guests’ and your horses’ needs and wishes without an infirmary, good timing and inventory management are of the essence.

If you can already make soft drinks and popsicles in your snack shack, four inventory slots should be enough to regularly satisfy your guests’ needs. Try to keep two soft drinks and two popsicles on hand all the time, and stock up again immediately once you sell something.

You should make sure to always have grain and water in stock for your horses, so that you can satisfy their needs quickly when they’re not currently sick – that way they’ll be available for riding lessons and training.

upjers tip: Have one barn only produce water, and use the other one to only produce grain. That way, you’ll make optimal use of your inventory and keep a better overview.

If you keep these tips in mind, getting through level 11 without an infirmary should be easily possible. Depending on how intensively you play, three to four days should be enough to earn the 17,000 Horse Dollars.

Be careful though! You’ll want a bit of a buffer, because you’ll still need money to start your productions. It’s best to hold off on the infirmary until you have around 17,500 Horse Dollars.

Checklist for level 11 Horse Farm players to get their infirmary without Rubies:

  • Two horses at level 2 and two horses at level 1
  • A lodge at level 2 and a lodge at level 1
  • A barn at level 2 and a barn at level 1 (about 9 total inventory spaces should be enough)
  • A level two snack shack
  • A level 2 round pen (with two slots)
  • A level 1 breeding station
  • A level 2 jumping course
  • Two small stables with two slots each
  • Always have 2 grain, 2 water, two popsicles, 2 soft drinks, 2 riding crops and 2 gloves in stock
  • Decorations: two piles of straw (quest), four sunflowers, one flower shelves, one dark beech tree (quest), two wooden benches and one wooden barrel (quest)



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