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The Special Color Variant Animals in Zoo 2: Animal Park


Just like in the real world some animals in Zoo 2: Animal Park are born with a different fur color. Come to think of it the panther is also “just” a black version of the leopard. There are also albino versions of a few animals available in your 3D zoo.

There are different ways to get these special fur color variants:

  1. By solving quests
  2. As a reward for some seasonal events
  3. By taking part in special breeding events
  4. By completing Visitor Center collections
  5. By taking part in certain club contests

Special color variants from quests

You can get new color variants for rabbits, goats, sheep, and horses by solving quests in Zoo 2: Animal Park. If you have one or even two adult animals of the same special color, the chance on receiving such special colored offspring will increase in case of a successful breeding attempt. However, without an adult animal of that special fur color, you will only have a very small chance of receiving such special offspring.

Seasonal events with special color variants as rewards

Zoo 2: Animal Park launches seasonal events to occasions like Easter, Halloween, and Christmas. During these events you can set up deco items of which you can collect event currency after stipulated periods of time. You can trade in such collected event currency for different rewards. From time to time animals with a special fur color are among these rewards. This way you can get such a special animal for your 3D zoo.

Breeding events for special fur colors

These don’t apply for the exclusive event fur color variants. Special breeding weeks, in which you can exclusively breed certain color variants, take place regularly and the featured special animals rotate. You should take part in these events, because these special color variants do not come up in the game otherwise. For example during the Cyber Week breeding event 2020 players had the chance to breed black alpacas, black polar foxes, black zebras, black wild dogs, and mottled red foxes.

upjers advice: Watch out for similar events if you would like to get such exclusive event animals – they take place regularly.

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New color variants for completing Visitor Center collections

You can redeem additional animals with a special fur color for completing visitor center collections in Zoo 2: Animal Park. Most of these collections give you a special colored animal as reward. You can unlock the collections feature by setting up the visitor center. Afterwards you can start breeding the required animals for your desired collection reward.

All collections have an exclusive animal as a reward, but not all of these have a special fur color. Take a close look at the reward first before you start completing that collection. Examples of animals that can be redeemed as rewards are the piebald peafowl, the black & white rabbit, and the albino crocodile. We can’t provide you with a full list, because new collections are added from time to time.

Club contests with special color variants

Another way to get special colored animals are club contests. One of four different club contests featuring special fur variants is available in addition to the regular three club contests: spotted rabbit, black flamingo, black giraffe, or white kangaroo. The featured special fur animals take turns randomly. Every two weeks a club contest with one of the four special animals takes place.

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We wish you much luck with breeding the special color variants in Zoo 2: Animal Park!


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