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6 Beginner Tips to level faster in My Sunny Resort


Want to get ahead faster in My Sunny Resort? Then check out our best tips for the free-to-play browse game here!

My Sunny Resort is a classic tycoon game – set in the sunny south. Your job as a player is to earn as much money as possible, invest it into your resort, and make even more money! You’ll have two major sources of income: 1) Your bungalow rent, which your guests pay, and 2) The rest of your vacationers’ budget, which will be spent for food and souvenirs during their stay.

Tip #1: The more furniture you have in your lodgings, and the more expensive it is, the more rent your guests will have to pay.

You’ll find everything you can place in your lodgings in the “Furniture” tab in the shop, divvied up int three categories. You’ll also find some beautiful flooring and wall designs in the “Lodgings” tab – these items have the advantage that they’ll increase the comfort of your bungalows without taking up any additional space.

Each bungalow’s info menu will show you the comfort level of your bungalow. To access it, just click on your bungalow and choose the “i”(Info) from the ring menu. The light blue bar at the bottom of the window will show you wish star level you’ve reached and how far your furnishings are from the next star.

Tip #2:  Use high-quality furniture, flooring and wall designs to raise the comfort value of your bungalows just below the next star class, gaining you the maximum amount of rent.

Now the guests will only have a bit left over to spend on food, drinks and souvenirs. Guests staying in a 1 star bungalow will also want to spend their money in restaurants or souvenir shops of the same price class.

Tip #3: Place your 1 star attractions near your 1 star bungalows.

This will make it easier for you to drag guests to the attractions they want to go to. You will even see recommendations of where to place your guests, indicated by traffic light colors:

Red: Your guest doesn’t want to move into this bungalow, or it’s still occupied
Yellow: There’s a vacancy here, but there is a more suitable bungalow.
Green: This is the best choice for your guest.

My Sunny Resort will always recommend the most expensive bungalow.

Tip #4: Always send your guests to the restaurants, shops and attractions with the most stars – this will make them spend their budget faster and make room for more guests.

This tip doesn’t apply to bungalows. If you put 1 star guests into much more expensive bungalows, they will spend their entire vacation budget almost immediately – but you won’t get many experience points for serving guests or selling products. It will still allow you to advance faster though.

Tip #5: Follow the recommendations offered when assigning guests to bungalows. If a bungalow’s comfort is too high for a guest’s vacation budget, they will leave too soon.

You can see the recommendations when the thought bubble over a guest’s head has a green border and you try to drag them to a bungalow. If a yellow warning sign appears over the arrow, the bungalow is technically too expensive for the guest.

Tip #6: When managing products, make sure to keep the composition of your guests’ star class in mind. Cheaper works, not vice versa.

Once you have the first 2 star guests knocking on your door, they’ll want products from 2 star facilities. But sometimes they’ll also want to buy products of the star class below them. But only one star class below them. However, your 1 star guests can only afford the cheapest products.

With these first few tips, you’re sure to advance to the next level in My Sunny Resort!



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