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Rearrange your zoo with the terrain editor in Zoo 2: Animal Park!


In Zoo 2: Animal Park you can rearrange and beautify your zoo with the terrain-editor. The editor is unlocked as of level 25 with either diamonds or coins and provides the opportunity to change your ground from grass to sand, snow or soil.

To access the terrain editor, open the menu on the right side and then the warehouse of cards. First, click on the icon to open a new user interface. The bar on the right side displays the different undergrounds so you can choose one. The orange border you can see around a specific terrain shows you that this terrain is activated.

The placement of the underground

After deciding for one underground, draw over the positions on the ground you want to cover. Usually the camera shifts with every movement, but while placing the camera is set and can only be rotated with the button on the left side. Click on the button in the middle to go on with placing your terrains.

This is how you get the required energy

If you want to place a new terrain, you will need energy. In the menu, you can see how much energy you need for one specific tile. As soon as you’re satisfied with your choice of the new terrain, confirm the placement with the green hook – only then your consumed energy is actually removed.

upjers tip: Did you know that there’s no limit to the amount of energy? You can collect as much energy as you want!

As long as you’re still in the editor, you can adjust your selection for free at any time. In case you have no energy left, there are three options to get energy back: diamonds, fulfilling of certain quests and as a reward spinning the wheel of fortune.



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