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Zoo 2: Animal – Getting by with a little help from your friends


The world of Zoo 2: Animal Park is much larger and colorful than may be apparent at first glance. With more than five million players this cross-platform experience offers a lot of ways to connect with other players.

Having friends allows you to exchange cards for items and animals – including exclusive premium content. Here we want to explain how this works!

How to invite friends in Zoo 2: Animal Park

To invite players to become your friends, you just have to open the drow-down-menu on the right and tap the icon displaying two people’s heads. On the friends-screen you find an overview on your already invited friends and the remaining open slots.

Click (or tap) on one of those buttons. Now you can either decide to invite a person directly by entering their player name. Or you can chose to invite one of the zoo directors recommended by the game. These are active players within your level-range.

Once invited, the other player will receive a notification. Should they accept your request you can visit their zoo and help them progressing. 24 hours after they accept, you can start helping each other out.

Why should I invite players to become friends?

While you can visit your friends zoo any time you like to marvel at the animal park they created, once every 24 hours you are invited to perform some minor tasks there. Looking at the friends screen you will notice that one of the two hearts next to your friends name has turned red. If he or she helps with your zoo, the second heart icon turns pink.

Every ten tasks you and your friend have finished, you will receive a “Friend chest” containing eight random cards. These cards are for most any item available in the game (e.g. enclosure, decorations and animals). Select four for free and collect your rewards.

Also you get a special card piece every time a friend levels up.

What do I need to do to help?

The tasks you need to perform for your friends are simple:

  1. Catch stray animals escaped from their enclosures
  2. Scare off crows out of the animal enclosures
  3. Cheer up some of your younger guests with balloons

Catching stray animals is simple: scan the paths of your friend’s zoo for your target, tap the net icon in the bottom right corner and drag it across one or more of the escaped animals. You need to collect ten goats or bunnies.

Crow-scaring is similarly easy: find the birds in the enclosures and tap them three or four times. This annoys them so much that they leave the enclosure without much delay.

Sometimes the occasional youngster might not be quite so happy visiting the zoo. To cheer them up a little, you can give them free balloons! To do so, find the sad boys and girls on the zoo’s paths, tap the balloon icon in the bottom right corner and drag the balloon to the crying little person.

Tracking your progress catching ten stray animals, cheering up ten people and chasing away five crows you see a progress bar in the bottom of the screen.

To make things easier, there is a little trick: Double tap the icon on the left of said progress bar to automatically jump to the next animal or person. This way finding targets that are not always right in the center of the park is much, much easier.

If you want, you can skip the search-and-help part of your task by tapping the icon with three arrows on the right of your progress bar. For a meager handful of Diamonds the task can be finished automatically.

More about friends in Zoo 2: Animal Park

Your friends are not just icons in a menu! They are also presented as visitors of your zoo. These special NPCs are easy to spot: they are the only visitors showing a name above their heads.

You can access their information by tapping on them. The opening menu shows when you last helped each other with your parks and allows you to access the messaging system and all the other information screens.

Should you not want to randomly invite strangers in the game, come and visit our forums! Our ever growing community of Zoo 2: Animal Park players will welcome you. Here you can find like-minded people to add in the game.

Or you might want to join our Discord server to chat and make friends too:

We hope this informative piece will help you enjoy Zoo 2: Animal Park even more! 🙂



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